The sources

The official Qseven standard page of Standardization group for embedded technologies.

We use specification from here.

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Our respected partners

Baikal Electronics is the leading development company of central processing units in Russia. We look forward to working together to create a domestic fleet of high quality personal computers as well as industrial embedded solutions and high-performance servers.

Würth Elektronik is one of Europe's biggest manufacturer of electronic & electromechanical components. We prefer the Würth Elektronik company primarily for the excellent quality of its products, as well as for the friendly approach to the client and the shortest delivery time.

«Symmetron» is one of the most successful companies in the Russian market of electronic components. «Symmetron» and personally Mark Volodarskiy implement technical and information support of out project.

Thanks to their efforts, the Lagrange Project is provided with the most advanced samples of processor modules and displays for testing and development.

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Компания DuoTEC - отечественный разработчик и производитель систем GPS-мониторинга на транспорте.

Специалисты компании непосредственно участвуют в разработке и производстве периферийных электронных устройств для проекта Лагранж. Мы благодарим наших уважаемых коллег из компании DuoTEC за их вклад и неоценимую помощь в развитии нашего проекта.

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