What is Lagrange Pico Carrier Board?


The Lagrange Pico Carrier Board is an extremely compact Qseven interface board. It is suitable for small computer design, embedded and mobile solutions, providing high performance CPUs of x86/64 and ARM architectures.

Despite the tiny dimensions, the board is equipped with a large number of external interfaces. It is possible to connect an mSata hard drive and mini-PCIe expansion board, such as wireless network adapter, without going beyond the dimensions of the carrier board.

The board can be easily powered up with the standart 4-pin Molex connector that can be found in every ATX power supply.


Lagrange Pico Carrier board specification


  • Pico-ITX  form factor (100 x 72 мм);

  • Up to 2 QSeven 1.2 or 2.0 units support (x86/64, ARM, FPGA);

  • 1 SATA port;

  • 4 USB 2.0 ports;

  • 1 HDMI port;

  • 1 Ethernet (1Gb) port;

  • PCIe 1x slot;

  • mSATA slot;

  • mini PCIe slot;

  • SD-card slot (optional);

  • integrated programmable STM32 microcontroller;

  • input-output via UART, CAN, GPIO and LVDS.

The presence of the HDMI and Ethernet port enables the construction of a full-fledged workstation or thin client with an ultra-compact system unit.

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